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Kevin Grey
Owner of Zeal Plumbing

My name is Kevin Grey. I'm the owner and operator of Zeal Plumbing LLC. I married my wife, Julianna, 17 years ago and we have 7 beautiful kids together. We are both native to Georgia and we have lived here our entire lives. I have been in the plumbing industry in the Atlanta area for over 18 years and licensed for 13 years. After the military, I started working as a plumber's helper, at a small company in Marietta, in 2001. My wife worked in conjunction with me as a dispatcher and accountant. With my love for helping people and working with my hands, I wanted to move forward with a career in plumbing. I got my state license in 2006, and have worked for several companies all over the metro Atlanta area. In December 2016, we decided to take a leap of faith and open our own business. When I am not working you can find me at the beach, hiking in the mountains, fishing, kayaking or enjoying a nice dinner with my wife. 


Why the name "Zeal Plumbing"?


7 years ago or so when I was reading Romans 12:11, the word zeal caught my eye. I instantly loved this unique but simple word. The meaning of zeal is to do something with enthusiasm, passion, energy, and love. It went off like a light-bulb that one day I would own a plumbing business and run it with great zeal. I would name it Zeal Plumbing.

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